When a customer, client, tenant, or even employee drives up to your commercial property, your landscaping tells more of a story than you may realize. 

Are you proud of the way your property looks? Or are you constantly swearing at the growing piles of leaves or haphazard garden areas?

From seasonal maintenance with spring and fall cleanups to ongoing landscaping maintenance, Greencare has your Maine commercial space covered.


Year Round Landscape Maintenance in Southern Maine

Year-Round Landscape Maintenance

If your commercial property needs ongoing lawn and landscape maintenance — including mowing, pruning, weed control, fertilizing, pesticides, and parking lot maintenance — look no further than Greencare. Our professional, detail-oriented team will regularly maintain your property so you always look your best.

Commercial Seasonal Landscape Maintenance & Cleanup in Southern Maine

Seasonal Maintenance & Cleanup

In Maine, there’s a lot that changes season to season with landscaping. From frost heaves in the winter to fallen leaves in the fall, performing a regular spring and fall cleanup ensures your commercial location looks inviting and is ready for the upcoming season. The Greencare team will clean up and spruce up everything necessary around your grounds.

Lose the stress of trying to maintain your own commercial property (or having too many contractors).

Get the professional help you’ve been searching for with ongoing lawn mowing, pruning, weed control, and even parking lot maintenance for your business. You can even get spring and fall cleanups to prepare for the summer or winter in Maine.

Greencare’s dedicated team of landscaping experts has the solution and care that your commercial property needs.


You need landscaping maintenance for your commercial property and Greencare is here to help. Contact us today to learn what ongoing maintenance services are the right fit for your business.


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