As a business in Maine, you already know that winters can be hard. But when it comes to dealing with snow and ice, they don’t have to be.

From sand and salt application to snow relocation to snow removal and plowing, Greencare will keep your commercial property and parking lot(s) safe and clear all season long.


Sanding & Salting services in Southern Maine

Sand & Salt Applications

Safety on the roads and sidewalks around your business or facility is crucial for your employees, tenants, or customers during the cold winter months. Greencare ensures the walkways and roadways are safe and clear, as well as treated with sand and salt for even better traction.

Southern Maine Commercial Snow Relocation

Snow Relocation

There are only so many places to put snow on your commercial property. Not only are large snow piles unsightly by the end of the season, but they’re also potentially hazardous for drivers. That’s why Greencare gets ahead of the problem by relocating snow for our commercial clients.

Snow & Ice management in Southern Maine

Snow Removal & Plowing

Our full service snow removal and plowing services mean you never have to worry about how employees, customers, or tenants will be able to get to your commercial space. Our team of trained snow removal experts plow regularly during each storm so you’re always clear and open for business.

Your business doesn’t have to stop for snow – and in many cases, it can’t. If your medical facility, condo complex, or other 24/7 commercial property needs to stay open no matter what weather comes in Maine, Greencare can help.

Our snow and ice management services will keep your business open, so you can focus on running it.


At Greencare, it’s our business to keep commercial properties open and looking their best, no matter what season it is. Contact us to learn more about the winter services that are best for your business.