Maybe you’ve tried everything to get your grass to grow. Perhaps you’re sick of staring at the patchy spots of grass and dirt. Maybe you have new construction, and your lawn is simply an endless expanse of topsoil.

No matter your reason, you know it’s time to have the gorgeous green lawn you’ve always wanted: a place where your kids can play, or you can invite the neighbors over for a barbeque.

At Greencare, we take creating or restoring a lawn seriously. We’re here to help with everything from lawn renovations to full installations.


Commercial Property Aeration


In order for a lawn to thrive, it has to have plenty of sun, air, water, and nutrients. Depending on your soil type, sun/shade ratio, and other factors, your grass may need some help. Aerating your soil annually ensures your grass has everything it needs to grow lush, green, and strong.

Residential lawn installation and renovation in Maine


Yearning for a yard with thick, green grass? For brand new lawns — or those that need a lot of extra love — hydroseeding is an efficient and effective method to quickly grow a beautiful lawn. In fact, many of our hydroseeded Maine lawns are ready to mow in as little as 3 – 4 weeks.

Commercial property overseeding


Sick of staring at patchy grass and dirt on your lawn? There’s no need to replace the entire yard or even bring in sod. Overseeding may be the perfect solution. From shady or worn areas to your dog’s favorite spot to “go,” overseeding will help bring back that full, lush look every autumn.

Fall Cleanup in Maine

Fall Cleanup

Here in Maine, we’re no strangers to a long, cold winter. We spend the time preparing with wood for the stove or boarding up areas snow shouldn’t get into; but what about our lawns? Prep your lawn for winter (so that it looks its best in spring) with a thorough fall cleanup.

Lawn Fertilization in Southern Maine

Fertilization & Pesticides

A healthy lawn needs a healthy start; that’s where both fertilizer and pesticides can help. Fertilization ensures a rich, healthy lawn full of all the important ingredients grass needs to grow strong; while pesticides keep critters out of your lawn – and away from your home.

At Greencare, our residential landscaping experts focus on enhancing your home’s lawn, so it’s a space you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

We do not offer residential landscaping maintenance services, like lawn mowing or plowing services, but are happy to make a referral to a trusted industry partner.


Ready to give your lawn the look you’ve always wanted? If your Southern Maine yard needs a little renovation or a full grass installation, Greencare can help.


Hydroseeding a lawn in Maine

Maine lawn installation after hydroseeding - front of house

Side & Back Yard Lawn Installation

Hydroseeding back of lawn in Maine

Back Yard Hydroseeding Lawn Installation

Back Yard Lawn Installation after hydroseeding in Maine

New patio with fireplace, flower bed and hydroseeding

Patio with fireplace and walkway installation along with hydroseeding After photo

Front entry update with walkway, flowerbed and hydroseeding

Front entry with new walkway, flower bed and hydroseeding

New walkway to entrance with hydroseeding yard

After walkway installation and hydroseeding yard
Maine lawn installation before hydroseeding - front of house
Before hydroseeding back of lawn
Before hydroseeding back yard in Maine
Back yard before the walkway, patio, fireplace and hydroseeding installation
Front of yard before the walkway and flowerbed installation
Before new walkway and hydroseeding into garage